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Why Final International University?

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Final International University (UFÜ) was established in 2015 in Girne, TRNC, in cooperation with Turkey’s education brand Final Educational Institutions, and one of the leaders of the TRNC tourism sector, DMG-Akgünler Group.

Final has been carrying out educational activities in Turkey for over 42 years. So far, it has trained students at all levels from kindergarten to high school with more than 600 educational institutions. More than four and a half million young people who were educated at Final Educational Institutions have achieved their dreams. It employs 21 thousand employees serving this purpose. Final is also one of Turkey’s most influential brands in magazine and book publishing. In addition to all these activities, he founded Final International University in 2015, thus including higher education activities in his education spectrum.

As Final International University, our mission is to train team leaders and staff who have the ability to use today’s technology effectively, who can think independently as well as independently within the framework of ethical values, and who can keep up with the rapid movement that is the result of globalization, who are equipped with professional knowledge and skills, and who have high social and emotional intelligence; To develop practical skills with real-life experiences that transform academic success into career opportunities, together with the society and our stakeholders, and to contribute to science internationally with its theoretical and practical dimensions in a universal sense, based on an understanding based on lifelong learning, transparency, accountability, and sustainable development.



Health Center

The Final International University Health Center is staffed by a doctor and nurse throughout the year, and provides free basic care and attention, and referrals as necessary.

Our Psychological Counselor & Psychotherapy Services meanwhile help students deal with adaptation to university life, and such issues as stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

The FIU Health Center is also responsible for ensuring control of waste, and the cleanliness and hygiene of all university services, including cafeterias and dormitories.

Sport Activities

Our university attends competitions amongst universities organised by the TRNC Sports Federation. In addition, opportunities for sport both through the university and the local community are considerable, and range from classic sports such as football, volleyball, futsal, streetball, athletics, wrestling, and basketball, to diving, swimming and water sports, and hiking, to indoor sports such as table-tennis, pool, and chess. As with other extra-curricular activities, students are encouraged to participate in such activities not just because they are fun but because they help with the development of the key knowledge, skills and competences that are part of the Mission and Vision of the University.

General Information

Our students are accommodated in 7 different regions including Çatalköy Residential Hall, Serinli Residential Hall, Liman Residential Hall, Beylerbeyi Female Residential Hall, Altınkaya Residential Hall, Nicosia Student Housing, and Kaşgar Student Housing.


Accommodation in these areas are designed for both academic and social needs of our students, especially for the first year they provide a great advantage. Our students who spend their first years in our life centers will benefit from transportation, food, sports, etc. because they will have the opportunity to spend their time much more efficiently.

Counseling Center

Starting a new academic endeavor at a University can be a challenging and demanding experience for some students. New courses, new lifestyle, new friends, and a new atmosphere tends to raise various challenges for students. As students face new problems and stressors that they have never dealt with before and if these are not dealt with properly, the overall university experience can become troublesome. The Counseling Center at Final International University aims to provide psycho-social support, psycho-social education, and counseling services that includes individual counseling, group counseling, skills workshops, crisis intervention and professional referrals when needed. Students currently enrolled at Final International University can obtain these services for free and these services are both private and confidential. The Counseling Center is operated by a mental health professional – counselor or clinical psychologist. The goal of the Counseling Center is to help students understand the source and the dynamics of a problem and help deal with it before the problem becomes much more problematic. All students are invited to come to the Counseling Center to just talk, discuss problems, or obtain general information regarding an everyday problem. Students who are able to adapt to both university and the culture they are living in are more likely to be successful academically and socially. Of the many problems that students face during their university experience include stress, adaptation to university life, adaptation to a new culture, adjusting to academic demands and responsibilities, living in the dormitories, being homesick, establishing relationships with friends and significant others, family problems, etc.


Student Life

The Social and Cultural Activities Coordinator of IFU Rectorate is responsible for organizing various activities to meet the social and cultural needs of students and to promote a culture of inclusion and cooperation among IFU students. The coordinators are also responsible for student clubs and societies. All UFU students can participate in activities organized by clubs and societies. Students can become members of these clubs and societies in order to take part in the activities themselves, and in this context, they can take on additional roles and responsibilities.

Throughout the academic year, seminars, talks, panels, concerts, exhibitions, parties, club and community events, entrepreneurship and career camp, workshops, film screenings, festivals, and festivals unique to all cultures studying at our university, with the participation of guest speakers, reflecting our multicultural character. Academic and social events including multinational tournaments, international music, food, and dance performances are also organized.

All students can benefit from the services of the Social and Cultural Activities Coordinator and participate in the activities organized by UFU. Depending on the type of event, other institutions, and local people can also benefit from the events organized.

Student Testimonials



Qualifications and Enrollment

Students who have the right to enroll in the INTERNATIONAL FINAL UNIVERSITY can complete the registration process by uploading the required documents to the online registration system and making the payments on the payment page. The originals of the documents must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office of our University during the course registration period.

Admission Criteria

Fees & Funding

Tuition Fees

The Student Permit fee of approximately USD $135, which also includes Annual Health Insurance, is payable directly to the TRNC Ministry of Health

Students studying in the English Preparatory School are required to pay an additional $100 to the Accounting Office for the program books

Scholarship Opportunities

Our scholarship opportunities are also valid for additional placement preferences.
OSYM Scholarship

These are the scholarships given to students who are placed in these preferences by choosing the departments with 100% and 50% scholarships from the OSYM Higher Education and Quotas Guide during the preference period. This scholarship continues uninterrupted throughout the education period, regardless of academic success.

Other Scholarships and Discounts

Students who have graduated from Final Education Institutions and other educational institutions with institutional agreements in Turkey and who are placed in one of the programs at Final International University through ÖSYM receive an institutional discount of 20% of the tuition fee they must pay.

Students who are placed in our university’s programs among their top 3 preferences are given preference discounts, and national and high-level athletes who show outstanding success in their branches and document that they are successful are given a sports success discount.

In addition, discounts are available for children of martyrs, children of teachers, children of TAF, and police officers and siblings.

During the education period at our university, our students benefit from scholarships and discounts according to their success.



Available Accommodation in Kyrenia:

Our students realize their accommodation in seven different regions, namely  Çatalköy Life CenterSerinli Life CenterPort Life Center and Beylerbeyi Girls Life Center, Ozanköy Boys’ Student House, Kaşgar Student House and Doğanköy Student House.

Accommodation in these areas, which are designed considering our students’ academic and social needs, provides a great advantage, especially for the first year. Our students, who will spend their first year in our living centers, can use their time much more efficiently as they have opportunities in transportation, food, sports, etc.

Internet and cleaning services are provided weekly in our living centers, while there is no cleaning and internet service in our student houses. There is a free transportation service from the whole life center and student houses to the university campuses.

Students who will stay in living centers/dormitories/student houses must strictly comply with the principles, rules, regulations, and circulars determined for the living spaces. It is essential that you consider the following rules in our living centers and dormitories;

  • Tobacco/products of this type cannot be smoked in the building (in the common areas and in the flat),
  • Alcohol, drugs, and stimulants cannot be kept or used in the living center and dormitory,
  • Except for the places determined by the living center and dormitory management (even if they are UFU students), guests are not accepted,
  • Anyone (even if they are UFU students) who is not registered in the living center and dormitory cannot be accommodated.
  • Students who will stay in the living center/dormitory accept the ” INTERNATIONAL FINAL UNIVERSITY STUDENT DORMITORIES PRINCIPLES AND RULES “. The document regarding the principles above and the rules can be obtained from the web page before the accommodation starts.
  • In case of leaving the dormitory or being dismissed from the dormitory, students who have registered at UFU accommodation centers are obliged to pay the full amount they have to pay according to their registration type.

Admission Criteria

Students from the Republic of Turkey can enroll in the INTERNATIONAL FINAL UNIVERSITY if they are placed in our four-year programs as a result of the University Entrance Exams organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM).

Students who are Turkish citizens and have completed their high school in the TRNC for 4 years without interruption can take the International Final University Scholarship exam and gain the right to enroll in the university.

Being placed in our 4-year undergraduate and 2-year associate degree programs as a result of the University Entrance Exams organized by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) for all programs.