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On-Campus Dormitories

If your university provides on-campus dormitories, it is advisable to consider residing in them, especially during the initial years of your studies. Living on campus offers a secure option for most international students in their first year, as it allows you more time to familiarize yourself with the city’s dynamics. During this period, you can explore the city, discover nearby locations, and generally become acclimated to your surroundings.

Private Dormitories

In cases where the university does not have on-campus dormitories, you can explore various private dormitories available in specific locations. Private dormitories are typically situated near university campuses, so the accommodation experience does not differ significantly from that of a university dormitory.

House Rental

North Cyprus is known for being a student-friendly country, making renting a house individually or sharing a room with friends an excellent option for a more personalized living experience. There are several websites you can utilize when searching for flats or shared rooms in North Cyprus. It’s important to note that renting a house comes with additional responsibilities, such as maintaining cleanliness in your space and managing bills. However, it provides an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle within the city.

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