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Ada Kent University, established in 2015, is a wonderful institution that has played a pivotal role in advancing the economic, scientific, social, and cultural realms of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

With seven colleges and a vocational school under its umbrella, Ada Kent University offers 29 undergraduate programs. The distinguished faculty, hailing from North Cyprus, Turkey, and beyond, have undergone rigorous international training for two years, ensuring that they provide the best education to their students.

Embodying the essence of an “urban university,” Ada Kent University places great importance on the seamless integration of students into society and the global community. This approach helps shape well-rounded individuals who are proficient in communication and have strong social ties. By bringing together students from diverse cultural backgrounds, the university aims to cultivate a shared culture on University Island TRNC.


  • On-Campus Accommodation: This provides students with the convenience of living close to their classes and the resources the university offers.
  • Free Transportation: Available for both students and faculty members, which can significantly ease commuting challenges and contribute to a sustainable campus environment.
  • Sports Facilities: Including a football field, tennis court, and gym, which cater to the physical well-being and recreational needs of the university community.
  • Cafeterias and Canteens: These serve meals to students, ensuring they have access to nutritious food options on campus.


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Student Life

1. Academic Excellence:

  • Rigorous Curriculum: Students engage in a challenging and comprehensive curriculum designed to push their boundaries and expand their knowledge.
  • Supportive Faculty: The distinguished faculty, with international training, are committed to mentoring students and providing a high-quality education.

2. Diverse Community:

  • International Exposure: With students and faculty from North Cyprus, Turkey, and beyond, the university boasts a multicultural environment.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere: The university’s commitment to cultivating a shared culture ensures that all students feel welcome and valued.

3. Robust Facilities:

  • Sports and Recreation: With facilities like a football field, tennis court, and gym, students have ample opportunities to engage in sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dining Options: Multiple cafeterias and canteens provide convenient and nutritious meal options.

4. Social Engagement:

  • Clubs and Organizations: Students can join various groups that align with their interests, providing a platform for networking and developing new skills.
  • Events and Activities: Regular events and activities foster a sense of community and offer a break from academic pursuits.

5. Career Preparation:

  • Internships and Work Opportunities: The vocational school and various undergraduate programs likely offer practical training and work opportunities.
  • Networking Events: Events with industry professionals provide students with valuable connections and insights into their future careers.

6. Affordability and Support:

  • Scholarships: Available opportunities for international students help alleviate financial burdens.
  • Affordable Tuition: Ensures that higher education is accessible to a broader demographic.

7. Community and Global Integration:

  • Urban University Setting: Encourages students to engage with the local community and broader society.
  • Global Perspective: The diverse student body and faculty contribute to a global outlook, preparing students for international opportunities.

8. Wellness and Support Services:

  • Counseling and Health Services: Likely available to support students’ mental and physical well-being.
  • Advising and Mentorship: Programs to guide students through their academic journey and personal challenges.


Student life at Ada Kent University is shaped by a commitment to academic excellence, a diverse and inclusive community, and comprehensive support services. The range of facilities, combined with opportunities for social engagement and personal development, create a holistic educational experience. Whether through sports, cultural activities, or academic pursuits, students at Ada Kent University are well-positioned to thrive and make the most of their university years.

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Qualifications and Enrollment

Enrollment Process for Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Complete Online Application: Fill out the application form on the “Study in North Cyprus” portal or the university’s official website.
  2. Submit Required Documents:
    • Certified copy of high school certificate and transcript.
    • Passport-sized photo.
    • Copy of passport or birth certificate.
    • Proof of English proficiency (if applicable).
    • Certified translations of documents (if original documents are not in English or Turkish).
  3. Wait for Application Review: The admissions committee will evaluate your application and documents.
  4. Receive Admission Decision: Check your email or the application portal for the admission decision.
  5. Accept Offer and Pay Deposit (if required): Secure your spot by accepting the admission offer and paying any necessary deposit.
  6. Complete Additional Enrollment Steps: Follow any additional instructions provided by the university to finalize your enrollment.

Admission Criteria

Fees & Funding

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Ada Kent University offers a wide array of degree programs in various fields, all taught in English, providing a global educational environment. The tuition fees may vary based on the program and level of study. Generally, the university is known for its affordable tuition fees, making higher education more accessible.

  • Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Law: These are specialized programs and may have higher tuition fees compared to other undergraduate programs.
  • Business Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Software Engineering, Political Science, Public Management: The tuition fees for these programs are competitive and designed to be affordable, yet they may vary based on the specific course and department.

Applicants are encouraged to check the university’s official website or contact the admissions office directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding tuition fees for their specific program of interest.

In a short span, the university has garnered an international acclaim for its commitment to academic excellence and enriching student experiences. While tuition is a standard requirement in private institutions, Ada Kent distinguishes itself as one of the most cost-effective private universities in the Mediterranean, without compromising on the quality of education or campus vibrancy.

Beyond its reasonable tuition rates, Ada Kent extends scholarships and financial incentives to international students enrolled in its degree programs.

However, newcomers should be aware of additional costs, encompassing application, registration, and student activity fees, all due at the onset of the academic year.

For the convenience of its global student body, the university accepts tuition payments in  USD , with the necessary account details shared during the application phase.

It’s worth noting that the annual tuition encompasses miscellaneous charges like registration fees and a 5% VAT.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Ada Kent University is committed to supporting its students financially, with a significant portion of international students benefiting from scholarships.

  • 25% or 50% Scholarships: These scholarships cover a substantial part of the course fees, easing the financial burden on students.
  • Eligibility and Application: During the online application process, students can express their interest in these scholarships. The decision to award scholarships is based on the student’s academic achievements and the specific program they are applying to.
  • Admission Notification: The university’s admission notification will clearly specify if a student has been granted a scholarship, along with the details of the award.

Advanced Honors Recognition and High Honor Award

  • Advanced Honors: Undergraduate students maintaining a full course load and achieving a GPA of 3.50 or above, along with a CGPA of 3.00 or above, are recognized with this distinction. These students are expected to continue their enrollment in subsequent semesters.
  • High Honor Award: The top ten students exceeding the GPA and CGPA criteria are honored with this prestigious award, highlighting their exceptional academic performance.

Accreditations & Rankings

Accreditations & Rankings at Ada Kent Üniversitesi


Accreditations are a testament to a university’s commitment to maintaining high standards in education and administration.

  • Yükseköğretim Planlama, Denetleme, Akreditasyon ve Koordinasyon Kurulu: Ada Kent Üniversitesi is officially recognized by the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council of North Cyprus. This accreditation ensures that the university adheres to the educational standards set by the country.
  • Program-Specific Accreditations: Depending on the field of study, certain programs at Ada Kent Üniversitesi may have additional accreditations from relevant professional bodies, ensuring that the education provided meets industry standards.


University rankings are a way to gauge an institution’s performance across various criteria, including academic reputation, research output, and more.

  • UniRank: While specific ranking information for Ada Kent Üniversitesi is not provided, it is crucial for prospective students and faculty to consult various university ranking platforms to get a comprehensive view of the university’s standing on a national and global scale.
  • National and International Recognition: The university’s reputation, both within Northern Cyprus and internationally, can also be considered an informal form of ranking, showcasing its standing in the higher education community.

Significance of Accreditations and Rankings

  • Quality Assurance: Accreditations ensure that the university meets specific quality standards, providing assurance to students and parents about the education provided.
  • International Recognition: Being recognized and accredited by official bodies enhances the university’s reputation, making degrees obtained from Ada Kent Üniversitesi more valuable and recognized globally.
  • Continuous Improvement: The process of maintaining accreditations often involves regular reviews and assessments, pushing the university to continually improve its offerings and services.
  • Informed Decision-Making: For prospective students, understanding the accreditations and rankings of a university can play a crucial role in making informed decisions about their higher education journey.

Available Accommodation in Famagusta:

Location and Accessibility

  • City Center: The university campus is strategically located in the city center, providing easy access to various city amenities and services.
  • 24-Hour Accommodation: The campus is operational around the clock, ensuring that students have access to necessary facilities at all times.

Safety and Maintenance

  • 24/7 Maintenance: All units and facilities on campus are maintained around the clock to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.
  • Secure Campus: The entire campus area is protected 24/7, ensuring the safety and security of all students.

Connectivity and Infrastructure

  • Free Broadband Internet: Students have access to free broadband Internet 24 hours a day, supporting their academic and personal needs.
  • Strong Information Infrastructure: The campus boasts a robust digital network for research, communication, and sharing.

Social and Cultural Life

  • Active Social Life: The education department ensures an active social life with daily activities and events.
  • 24-Hour Cafes and Restaurants: These facilities provide dining options at any time of the day or night.
  • On-Site Market: For the convenience of students, essential items can be purchased on campus.
  • Clubs and Student Meetings: There are designated clubs and spaces for student club meetings, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Academic and Creative Spaces

  • Open Space Practice: The campus utilizes open space practices, allowing students to engage in social, cultural, and academic activities at any time.
  • Theater Halls, Art Studios, and Laboratories: These facilities support a wide range of academic and creative pursuits, from performing arts to scientific research.

Amenities and Facilities

  • Cafeterias and Restaurants: Offering a variety of dining options to cater to different preferences.
  • Dormitories: Providing comfortable and secure living spaces for students.
  • Art and Cultural Venues: Enriching the cultural life on campus and providing spaces for artistic expression.

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Strong Academic Record: Demonstrate excellent performance in high school.
  2. Language Proficiency: Provide proof of proficiency in English or Turkish, especially if you are a non-native speaker.
  3. Complete and Timely Application: Ensure that all parts of the application are filled out accurately and submitted before the deadline.
  4. Age and Identity Verification: Submit a copy of your passport or birth certificate.
  5. Submission of Additional Materials (if required): This could include letters of recommendation, personal statements, or portfolios.
  6. Interview (if required): Be prepared to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process.
  7. Meet Program-Specific Requirements: Fulfill any additional requirements specific to the program you are applying to.