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Cyprus Health & Social Sciences University

Where Excellence meets Opportunity
Why Cyprus Health & Social Sciences University?

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Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences (KSTU) was established in the Güzelyurt region of TRNC in 2016. As of the 2021-2022 academic year, Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences continues its educational activities with 7 Faculties, 1 School, 1 Vocational School, Graduate Education and Research Institute, English and Turkish Preparatory School.


Education in Cyprus Starts with Health


Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, which has the most equipped application laboratories of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), has been accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Board as of 2017 and received its equivalence.


An International University


Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, with its rich infrastructure, qualified teaching staff, programs in English, sports, social and cultural activity opportunities, international collaborations, international teaching environment, cosmopolitan social structure, makes its students know English well and open to development and change. raising young people who are ready for global competition and training them for international careers.


Fully Equipped Applied Training


Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences hosts fully equipped and richly-infrastructured practice laboratories for each branch of science. Students who transform the knowledge learned in theory into practice in laboratories do not feel alienated in the business sector. Collaborating with leading institutions and organizations in the business sector, Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences strives to be one step ahead of its students after graduation.




KSTU Dr. The publications in the Fazıl KÜÇÜK Library are mainly in Turkish and English, and their scope supports the education, policy and scientific research of the university. Apart from these services, by subscribing to many international databases, students are provided with direct access to information from all over the world.

Medical Center

All of our students, academic and administrative staff are served in our infirmaries, which operate under the Student Life Department on the campus of our university and are equipped with the necessary equipment.
In addition, transportation to the nearby health units for health needs that cannot be met in the infirmary is provided by our institution.

Classrooms & Lectures


Our classrooms are designed and equipped with the latest technologies to improve the quality of education, create a comfortable and well-equipped environment for academic study, and ensure active participation of students in the lesson. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and full internet access.


There is a smart board system in all classrooms, laboratories, research and development centers and meeting rooms of our university. We aim to train multidisciplinary students by combining the education system with technology with this system where learning and teaching are facilitated.

Foreign Language Workshop

It is a structure designed and developed by the Preparatory School to facilitate and accelerate the learning of English and other languages.

In the workshop, group work, speaking, writing and listening activities are carried out. Preparatory School, English teaching, memorization

It aims to teach by animating objects and definitions instead of the system.

Restaurants and Cafeterias

In our campus, we have food and beverage units with table d’hote and a la carte menus in line with the expectations and needs of our students. These units, which are constantly inspected in terms of health and hygiene, also have all the comforts for our students to socialize.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 17.30


Computer and Internet


The informatics infrastructure of Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences is constantly updated and developed according to the needs. There is free wireless network access in our entire campus, where high-speed fiber connections and internet access are provided.
Classrooms on our campus are organized as smart classrooms. We have computers in our library.


There are smart boards, computers, computer managers and projectors in each classroom. Integrated systems such as the Student Information System and the Campus Card System have been put at the disposal of our students and staff, allowing access to these systems from inside and outside the campus.
In addition to all these, we have computer labs.








Ömer Gültekin Conference Hall, which serves on the last floor of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, is used for the social and cultural activities of our region.





Bus Terminal Guzelyurt, TRNC

Tel: +90 (392) 7144965


City Bus Services

Local buses run regularly from campus; intercity bus service is also at the service of those who want to explore the island further.

There is also an airport bus service.


Local taxi services can be found easily, and taxis will be financially advantageous and economical, especially if more than one person shares the same taxi.

Guzelyurt Taxi: 0533 854 40 01

Ercan Airport Taxi: +90 533 858 66 88

Cars and Traffic

Traffic flows in the left lane in Northern Cyprus. You can bring your own vehicle to the TRNC or you can buy a vehicle from within the TRNC. If these are not suitable for you; You can get a vehicle from car rental points located all over the TRNC.

Rent a car

Renting a car for ease of transportation in the TRNC is a highly demanded method. When you want to rent a car, it is useful to make a reservation in advance.

Airport & Airport Shuttles

There is 1 international airport in TRNC.

Ercan Airport

+90 (392) 600 50 00


KIBHAS Ercan Airport Shuttles

Ercan Office  – 0533 870 78 48 (Office No)

Nicosia Office  – 0533 870 78 45 – 0392 228 85 90

Kyrenia Office  – 0533 870 78 46 (Office No)

Famagusta Office  – 0533 870 78 47 (Office No)

Guzelyurt Office  – 0533 870 78 49

Lefke Office  – 0533 870 78 49




Student Life

As a student, I genuinely appreciate the efforts of the Dean of Students (Health, Culture, and Sports Department). They’ve set up an education system that genuinely supports us in our personal, cultural, social, and professional growth. This system not only helps us adjust to university life but also collaborates with the necessary administrative and academic units to address our concerns. It’s evident that their main goal is to create an environment where we can thrive. They’re dedicated to ensuring our well-being, both physically and mentally, and guiding us to excel both nationally and internationally. Their focus on counseling has been instrumental in helping us tap into our full potential and enhance our life skills.

They’re always there to listen to any issues we might face concerning university life and actively seek solutions by collaborating with the right departments. Their involvement in cultural, arts, and sports activities has been commendable. Plus, they play a significant role in supporting student societies and enhancing our overall quality of life. Their commitment to creating a conducive learning environment is evident in how they manage student clubs and societies, assist in their events, and offer consultancy to student volunteer groups. It’s reassuring to know that there’s a dedicated unit where we can voice our concerns about student life and be heard.

Our classrooms are a testament to the university’s commitment to quality education. They’re modern, comfortable, and equipped with the latest tech to ensure we’re actively engaged in our lessons. The presence of smart boards in every classroom, lab, R&D center, and meeting room is a game-changer. It’s clear that the university aims to integrate technology into our learning process, making it multidisciplinary and more effective.

The Foreign Language Workshop is another highlight. Designed by the Preparatory School, it’s an innovative approach to language learning. Instead of the traditional rote memorization, the workshop focuses on group activities, speaking, writing, and listening exercises. It’s a refreshing way to learn English and other languages, where concepts are brought to life, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

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Available Accommodation in Guzelyurt:




Right next to the Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences, there is a girls’ dormitory for 1500 people belonging to the TR Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK). There is also a dormitory for men with a capacity of 1000 people, which belongs to KYK and is 1 KM away from the campus. Students who do not prefer to live in KYK dormitories can benefit from the special accommodation facilities in our region.


Special dormitory opportunities in the region for students who do not prefer to live in KYK Dormitories


  • Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences Private Student Dormitories / Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences Private Student Dormitories


Phone: +90 533 854 00 96

Address: Dr. Fazil Kucuk Blv, Guzelyurt



Admission Criteria

  • Application form
  • A copy of the high school diploma
  • High School Education Transcript – Transcript (the candidate’s high school courses and grades must be approved by the school administration)
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Document indicating the level of English and Turkish (TOMER. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) Photocopies of exam results or other proficiency documents (if any)
  • Photograph
  • Photocopies of national or international exams (if any)
  • All documents must be in English or Turkish. If not, certified English or Turkish translations are required.