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Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Living standards in North Cyprus are widely recognized for their high quality. In comparison to many other countries in the region, the cost of living remains relatively affordable, considering the standards maintained. The primary currencies used in Cyprus are the Turkish Lira, Euro, and Pound, with the Turkish Lira being the most prevalent.

Among various expense categories, transportation stands out as relatively less affordable. This is primarily due to the limited utilization of public transportation within cities. While intercity transportation in Cyprus offers multiple options, urban transportation lacks sufficient public transit alternatives, with infrequent bus services that may not adequately cover daily commuting needs. Consequently, most individuals opt for taxis, private cars, or car rentals during their stay.

Students, who typically reside on or near the campus, face fewer transportation challenges in their daily routines. Many roads in Cyprus are well-suited for walking or cycling, enabling students to conveniently commute to campus on foot or by bicycle.

Outlined below are approximate costs for various general living expenses in Cyprus.

Food at an inexpensive restaurant


Food at a mid-range restaurant


Monthly utility bills


Monthly rent in a normal neighborhood


1lt. gas


Taxi ride (5 miles)


Museum / Archeological Sites






Private Beach Entries


Single night accommodation in a mid-range hotel


Single night accommodation in an Airbnb


Taking into account everything mentioned, just like any country, there are always pricier options available if you actively look for them. However, it is completely possible to live within a budget in Cyprus without having to give up the opportunity to take part in most desired activities.

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