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Language & Religion

Language & Religion


Turkish is the main and official language in North Cyprus, playing a vital role in the everyday lives of its residents. It is used for communication, education, administration, and business.

Despite a slight regional dialect difference, the Turkish spoken in North Cyprus is essentially the same as in Turkey. This linguistic similarity fosters unity and cultural exchange between Turkish Cypriots and Turks.

Turkish Cypriots actively safeguard their language through cultural activities and initiatives, viewing it as a fundamental aspect of their identity and heritage.

English is widely spoken and understood in North Cyprus due to historical ties with the UK and the presence of Northern Cypriots who have either lived in the UK or have relatives residing there. The English language holds significant importance in Cypriot schools, where it is taught to ensure that Cypriot students are equipped with the necessary language skills. Additionally, Russian, German, and Greek languages are also commonly spoken on the island, reflecting the diverse linguistic landscape of North Cyprus.


The majority of Turkish Cypriots are Sunni Muslims. However, there is also a significant presence of non-Muslims, mainly expats or overseas labor from Europe, who belong to various religious denominations.

The non-Muslim community in North Cyprus includes Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Greek Orthodox, and Jews. These religious groups add to the cultural richness and diversity of the region.

While Muslims attend mosques for religious services, non-Muslims have access to churches, chapels, and synagogues throughout the region. This allows individuals from different religious backgrounds to practice their faith.

Overall, North Cyprus has a harmonious coexistence of different religious groups, contributing to its multicultural fabric.

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