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Understanding the Intricate Transportation System in North Cyprus (Getting Around)

Ready to Explore North Cyprus? Here’s How to Get Around!

Navigating a new country can be both exciting and a bit daunting. In North Cyprus, the transportation system is designed to help you move around with ease. Whether you’re heading to class, visiting historical sites, or exploring the natural beauty of the island, here’s everything you need to know about getting around North Cyprus.

Public Buses

Public buses are a popular and affordable way to travel across North Cyprus. They connect major cities like Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Famagusta, as well as smaller towns. Buses run frequently, especially during peak hours, making them a convenient option for students and tourists alike. Remember to check the schedule and routes, as they can vary.

University Buses

Final University Bus

University buses offer a reliable and cost-effective transportation option for students. These buses usually operate between university campuses and key locations such as city centers, residential areas, and popular student accommodations. Schedules are often aligned with class timings to accommodate students’ needs. In addition, many universities provide shuttle services during evenings and weekends, ensuring safe and convenient travel at all times. Check with your university for specific routes, schedules, and any requirements for using these services.

Dolmuş (Shared Taxis)

Dolmuş, or shared taxis, are a unique and economical mode of transport in North Cyprus. These minibuses operate on fixed routes but don’t have set schedules—they depart when they’re full. Dolmuş are a great way to meet locals and fellow travelers, offering a more personal experience than public buses.


For more direct and flexible travel, taxis are widely available. They’re perfect for shorter trips or when you need to reach a specific destination quickly. Taxis in North Cyprus are metered, but it’s always a good idea to confirm the fare before starting your journey. Taxis can be hailed on the street, found at taxi stands, or booked via phone.

Car Rentals

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore North Cyprus at your own pace. Several car rental agencies operate in the major cities and at Ercan International Airport. Driving is on the left side of the road, so keep that in mind if you’re used to driving on the right. Car rentals can be particularly useful for reaching remote areas like the Karpas Peninsula.

Bicycles and Scooters

For eco-friendly and leisurely travel, consider renting a bicycle or scooter. Many towns and cities have rental shops where you can hire bikes and scooters for a day or longer. This mode of transport is perfect for short distances and enjoying the scenic views along the way. Always wear a helmet and follow traffic rules for safety.


North Cyprus boasts many walkable areas, especially within city centers and historical sites. Walking is a great way to soak in the local culture, architecture, and ambiance. It’s also an excellent opportunity for exercise and discovering hidden gems that you might miss while driving.

Intercity Travel

For traveling between cities, long-distance buses are available. Companies like Kıbrıs Express offer comfortable and reliable services connecting major destinations. Booking tickets in advance is recommended, especially during peak travel seasons.

Navigating North Cyprus is straightforward with various transport options, each offering a unique way to explore the island.

Whether you prefer the affordability of public buses, the convenience of taxis, or the freedom of a rental car, North Cyprus has a transportation option to suit your needs. Embrace the journey and discover the beauty and charm of this incredible region. Safe travels!

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