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Why Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University?
Top reasons to study at Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University
“Both learning and practicing!” We teach our students both theoretically and give them the chance to practice what they have learned. With the institutions we have contracted with, our students evaluate and apply what they have learned in the best way. In this way, they help them to move themselves forward in the best way by learning from the experts of the business.
We teach and explain to our students how to produce, implement and put into practice, on the way we set out with the aim of raising people who add value to our country and their countries and make a difference with their innovative and visionary understanding.
Our university not only offers our students the best opportunities to be successful in their business life, but also offers them a job guarantee in the future. Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University to direct the future from the heart of the Mediterranean and shape the future with us
Study Format

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Qualifications and Enrollment

Registration Procedures for Vocational High School Graduates

Students are admitted to two-year associate degree programs within the framework of the quota determined by the University, with the right of Examination-Free Pass applied to students who graduated from TRNC Vocational High Schools. Applications to these programs will be accepted through the Onbeş Kasım Cyprus University Entrance Examination System. Applications are made with the Application and Preference Notification Form for Placement in Associate Degree Programs of Vocational High School Graduates without Examination, which is provided with the Exam Guide. In this form, it is stated which Vocational High School graduates can enter which associate degree programs without an exam.

Registration Procedures for TRNC National Students Who Completed High School Abroad

TRNC national students who have completed high school abroad must obtain a high school equivalency certificate from the TRNC Ministry of National Education and Culture before starting the Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University registration process.

Private Student Admission

Persons who are not registered in any of the programs at the university and who are allowed to attend only some courses are registered as "special student". A student with this status cannot be awarded a diploma or title. However, a document prepared by the Registrar's Office showing the courses taken and the success in these courses is given. The applications of those who want to be accepted as special students are evaluated and decided by the Head of the Department or the School Principal. The registration procedures of these students are carried out by the Registrar's Office in accordance with the relevant legislation. At least a high school diploma is required from those who apply as special students.

Evaluation and Conclusion

Applications that are not rejected in the preliminary evaluation of the Registrar's Office are evaluated by the relevant School or Faculty Administrative Board according to the criteria determined by this Board and finalized with the decision of the School or Faculty Administrative Board.

Admission Criteria

Fees & Funding

Tuition Fees

Note: Academic success scholarship is added on top of any other discounts or scholarships that the student benefits from.

TRNC NATIONAL STUDENTFEE50%60%75%one hundred%


Scholarship Opportunities

Onbeş Kasım Kıbrıs University offers many scholarships and discounts to its students in associate, undergraduate, and graduate programs. These scholarships continue unconditionally and uninterruptedly during normal education.

Uninterrupted Scholarship Application: Academic scholarships are equal to the normal education period of the program in which the student is registered, provided that it covers a one-year preparatory program in programs that require English preparation. During the normal education period, the scholarship of the student is not terminated depending on the academic achievement grade.

Scholarships and Discounts for All Programs:


Students registered as Special Students will benefit from a 50% education discount.


If more than one sibling, spouse, and parent are registered at OKKU at the same time, during their associate and undergraduate studies at OKKU, they receive a 25% tuition discount in the first enrollment plus a 10% tuition discount for each separate enrollment. . This discount is valid as long as individuals continue their education at OKKU at the same time.

Tuition Delay Application

  • 3%: Applied to late payment of the monthly installment (per installment) and late summer school fees.
  • 5%: Applied to the remaining debt from the previous period.
  • 10%: It is applied to the debt from the previous year, which has more debt than the semester fee.


Athlete Scholarship: Students who are accepted to the sports teams established by OKKU and compete on behalf of OKKU Sports Union can benefit from the scholarship granted to preparatory school, associate, undergraduate and graduate students at the rate determined by the University Administration.


Students who have studied at OKKU for a minimum of two semesters, have completed the full course load of the semester they are enrolled in, and have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.50 and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.50 in their last semester will receive the determined Academic Achievement Discount.

The determined discount is applied for the period following the achievement of the above-mentioned success criteria.

  Term AverageDiscount rate
3.50 – 3.6425%
3.65 – 3.7950%
 3.80 – 4.0075%



Accreditations & Rankings

A three-pronged quality standard has been established in order to enable our students to progress towards the desired competency in every field. In the first stage, a "Professional Knowledge and Equipment" will be presented with measurable and testable methods, which will help them to enter directly into production and employment during the education-training period . It is to pass on the knowledge of a method that will enable them to open personal development paths with their own efforts by testing and self-criticism when necessary. The ultimate goal that these two stages will bring is a person who has reached the required level of maturity and satisfaction within the framework of conscientious responsibility as well as knowledge.It is "Intellectual Qualification and Virtue" . All the cultural, scientific and artistic knowledge required by this level is presented to our students at every stage of their education and training activities, their knowledge, manners, courtesy, common sense and human responsibility are to be acquired and developed as individuals who are always confident and prepared, with determined standards, without difficulty. It is our most important quality target that they reach the point where they can do their job. At this point, the main elements of business and professional ethics developed in Japan, “First for my country, then for my institution, and finally for individual benefit!” Making the slogan an indispensable and voluntarily adopted motto for each academician, employee and student constitutes the basis of our quality policy.

In line with our vision and mission, some values ​​of our university emerge. These values ​​ensure that quality is created and sustainable.

In this context, our university;

To regularly evaluate the determined main purpose, target and performance measurements; It has determined as a quality policy to develop consistently by considering both local and international quality standards, to be in an understanding that always wants to meet the requirements and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, to adopt a culture of improvement, to adopt a culture of suggestion and feedback.



In order to provide the best service to our students, we consider them and make agreements with various dormitories and offer them dormitories suitable for the budget they want in line with their wishes.

The dormitories we have contracted with are both close to our school and on our shuttle route in terms of transportation: Campus Cyprus, Dormita student dormitory, Ekin Adademir student dormitory, Greenland student dormitory, Anatolia Home Girl dormitory,  

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