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Living in North Cyprus: 8 things every Student Needs to Know

You’re in for an incredible experience in North Cyprus. But before you pack your bags, there are a few things you should know about living in this beautiful place. Let’s dive in!

North vs. South Cyprus: What’s the Difference?


First things first, Cyprus is divided into two parts: the North and the South. The north side, where you’ll be studying, is known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It’s a republic of Turkey, with its own unique culture, language, and charm. The south side, on the other hand, is the Republic of Cyprus. Each side has its own government, currency, and even driving rules, so it’s important to know the basics.

A Warm Welcome in North Cyprus

One of the best things about North Cyprus is the warm welcome you’ll receive. The locals are incredibly friendly and always ready to help. Whether you’re lost or just need some advice on where to find the best coffee, you can count on the locals to lend a hand. Plus, with many international students around, you’ll quickly find a community that feels like home.

Affordable Living

Living in North Cyprus is quite affordable compared to many other study abroad destinations. From accommodation to food, you’ll find that your money goes a long way. Many universities offer on-campus housing, but there are also plenty of off-campus options. Apartments and shared houses are popular among students, giving you the chance to live comfortably without breaking the bank.

Delicious Food Everywhere

If you love food, you’re going to love North Cyprus. The cuisine here is a delightful mix of Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern flavors. Think mouth-watering kebabs, fresh seafood, and a variety of mezes (small dishes). Don’t forget to try the local sweets like baklava and Turkish delight. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés, and street food vendors, so you’ll never go hungry.

Safety First

Safety is always a top concern for students and their families. The good news is that North Cyprus is known for being a safe and secure place. The crime rate is low, and the community is tight-knit. You can walk around the city, even at night, and feel safe. This peace of mind lets you focus on your studies and enjoy your time abroad.

Exploring the Island

When you’re not studying, there’s plenty to explore in North Cyprus. From beautiful beaches to historical sites, there’s something for everyone. Visit the ancient city of Salamis, hike in the Kyrenia Mountains, or relax on the stunning beaches of Famagusta. The island’s rich history and natural beauty provide endless opportunities for adventure.

Easy Transportation

Getting around North Cyprus is easy. Public transportation includes buses and minibusses (dolmuş), which are affordable and reliable. If you prefer more freedom, consider renting a scooter or a bike. The island isn’t huge, so you can explore a lot without spending hours on the road.

Tips for Adjusting

  1. Learn Basic Turkish Phrases: While many people speak English, knowing a few Turkish phrases can help you feel more at home.
  2. Stay Connected: Make sure you have a good internet connection to stay in touch with family and friends.
  3. Get Involved: Join clubs and activities at your university to meet new people and make the most of your time here.
  4. Stay Healthy: Remember to eat well, stay active, and get enough rest. There are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies available, and the Mediterranean diet is both delicious and healthy.


Living in North Cyprus offers a unique and enriching experience. From the friendly locals and affordable living to the delicious food and endless adventures, there’s so much to love. By knowing what to expect and preparing in advance, you can make the most of your time here and create unforgettable memories.

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