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4 Steps to Apply for a Scholarship in North Cyprus (And Save Big!)

You can save big by applying for scholarships that make your education affordable and exciting.

Unlock Incredible Scholarship Opportunities


Did you know that international students can get scholarships ranging from 20% to a whopping 80% in North Cyprus? Yes, you heard that right! These scholarships are designed to make your dream of studying abroad a reality without breaking the bank.

Study in North Cyprus: Your Ticket to 80% or More

Here’s the best part: If you apply through us at Study in North Cyprus, we can guarantee you a scholarship of 80% or more. We work closely with universities to ensure that you get the best financial aid possible. This means you can focus more on your studies and less on worrying about tuition fees.

Simple Steps to Apply for a Scholarship

Applying for a scholarship in North Cyprus is easier than you might think. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Choose Your Program: Decide what you want to study and select a university that offers your chosen program.
  2. Prepare Your Documents: Gather all necessary documents, including your academic transcripts, passport, and any certificates.
  3. Submit Your Application: Apply to your chosen university. If you’re applying through Study in North Cyprus, we’ll guide you through the entire process.
  4. Wait for the Offer: Once you’ve submitted your application, wait for the scholarship offer. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Scholarships Based on Your GPA

Already studying in North Cyprus? You can still benefit from scholarships! Many universities offer additional scholarships based on your current semester’s GPA. If you’ve been working hard and maintaining a high GPA, don’t hesitate to ask your university for more scholarship opportunities. Your dedication can pay off, literally!

More Than Just Financial Aid

Scholarships in North Cyprus are more than just financial aid. They’re a recognition of your hard work and potential. They open doors to incredible opportunities and experiences. Imagine graduating with less debt and more global connections. That’s what a scholarship can do for you.

Explore and Enjoy

While studying in North Cyprus, you’ll have the chance to explore beautiful beaches, historic sites, and vibrant culture. And with a scholarship, you’ll have more freedom to enjoy these experiences without financial stress.


Applying for a scholarship in North Cyprus is your gateway to an affordable, high-quality education in a stunning location. With opportunities for up to 80% scholarships and additional financial aid based on your GPA, your dream of studying abroad is within reach. So, why wait? Start your application today with Study in North Cyprus and embark on an unforgettable academic journey.

Remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way. With our guidance and support, securing a scholarship has never been easier. Let’s make your dream a reality!

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